Downsizing, looking for something new, just need a change of scenery? Why not consider the downtown area of a major city? Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York….thousands of people move to large cities everyday.  There are several advantages to living downtown in a major city.  For one, there are hundred of events happening, in walking distance, all around you, everyday.  Many corporations place their offices downtown of major cities so there maybe great opportunity for jobs, and again in walking distance from your residence.  Many people are not interested in the maintenance factor of owning a home and opt for the apartment/condo living.  There’s no maintenance and your time can be spent with family and friends instead of painting and mowing the yard.  Usually renting an apartment or condo in a major city is easy!  There are many property options and the landlords are used to renters and accommodating their needs.  Sometimes this is not the case when renting a home in a suburban area.

From an economics stand point, living in a downtown area of a major city has several advantages.  To start with, since you are in the heart of the city where everything is taking place you may not find a need to have a car.  In almost all major cities there are train systems or public transportation services, both of which are very economical.  Parking is often scarce and expensive in major cities downtown areas so by not owning a car you will save a lot of money, not only in parking fees but in insurance costs, fuel and maintenance.  With many coporations being located downtown, finding a job close to where you live is of great advantage.  Most commutes to suburban areas can sometimes be an hour one way.  Living downtown and in walking distance to your job can save you around two hours per day.  Time you can spend with family or why not put in some extra hours and get ahead in your career, these would have just been hours you spent in the car driving back and forth anyway.

So as you can see, there are many benefits to living in a downtown major city.  Why not start your search today for the perfect apartment or condo right here on

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