When searching for a property a difficult task can often be had trying to find quality listings. Many people tireless search through pages upon pages of webpages looking for a place that suits their needs. Many websites offer their own range of listings, but often many go for the approach of quality over quantity, and also generally focus on one area, be it residential property or commercial. Not enough sites can provide quality listings for a range of different usages and generally have a trouble balancing the numbers of users looking for leases and landlords looking to rent out their property. Making the site either useful for only one or the other parties. A potential tenant doesn’t want to have to engage in a race to lease the best properties, and landlords don’t want to waste time listing property across multiple platforms if they are not receiving any enquiries.


Lease For manage to provide a quality platform for both parties, as well as ensuring a healthy mix of all property lease types available.  What makes this platform extra special for landlords is the opportunity to post free listings, meaning there is nothing to lose from advertising to the many users looking to rent and buy. Premium listings are available to purchase, increasing the amount of photos that can be uploaded as well as page ranking, allowing for more visibility and in turn increasing likelihood of finding a client. With a platform catered to both parties, you can be assured of a positive experience when finding property, unlike most currently popular platforms.listing specialists


When looking for retail space to lease, Lease For allow you to use an advanced search system to determine an ideal range of properties suitable for you. This includes , including: Flex, Industrial, Land, Office Space, Retail Space and Warehouse. Additionally you can select city and areas, allowing for a specified region. Furthermore you can they re-order the listing based on price, size, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms and listing date. These parameters help potential tenants from finding listings only relevant to their needs, and allow for landlords to easily be matched up with ideal tenants.

listing specialists

When searching or looking to rent out residential property, the website makes it easy to find the perfect residential property for lease. With the same search system as detailed above, properties can easily be refined to what’s most ideal and suitable for your own needs. However with residential property you can further search extra settings like filter by apartments, townhouses, duplexes and condos and more, but also setting price and square foot ranges.


listing specialists

Lease For provides a perfect network for both tenants and landlords a like, with a focus on simplifying the process all parties benefit from a website that focuses on usability. With a combination of all types of property available for lease, you can be confident in finding what you are looking for when using this site, from a wide range of commercial and residential property.

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